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Nerd Poetry Corner: Dark Knight Lullaby

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The alleyway lurks there inside his dreams

Unlit but for a single streetlamp beam

 He feels the cold, wet fog upon his skin

And treads the road of horror once again

 The fiend awaits in darkness; now he springs

As noiseless as the flutter of bats’ wings

 A flash of light and metal, then a roar—

His father falls, and he shall move no more

 His mother’s pearls are cast before the swine

A bullet stills her beating heart for aye

 Alone as then, this boy is still today

A child resolved that he will have his way

 For him it was too little and too late

But no more children shall endure his fate

 He wakes to purge the city of its rot

This cowardly and superstitious lot

 And though there are so many to combat

He still takes up the mantle of the bat

 He haunts the night with vengeance in his hand

Give thanks for your Dark Knight—his name: Batman


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