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Apology and Announcement

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Sorry there’s no blog this week.  We’re headed into exam time here at North Greenville University and all my projects are coming due, so I haven’t had time to put anything together.  Besides, there haven’t really been any movies I’m interested in coming out this week, so no “Based on the Trailer” review.  However, I do have exciting news about next week’s blog.

If everything goes according to plan and I can get it done without neglecting my schoolwork, the next “Based on the Trailer” review will be in video form for the very first time!  That’s right, you’ll get all your information, commentary, and riffs from my own lovely lips.  And what trailer is so special as to warrant such special treatment?  Some of you may have already guessed, but come back on Thursday, May 2, to find out for sure.  Looking forward to seeing you then … or you seeing me then, since I can’t actually see you through the screen.


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