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Based on the Trailer: The Song

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Even the wisest of men was a fool for love.  And cookies, but mostly love.

The Song retells the story of Solomon as the life of a modern day singer-songwriter.  Does it top the charts or is it a no-hit wonder?  Well, let’s take a look at the trailer and find out.

So who stars in this movie?  Alan Powell of the band Anthem Lights plays the lead, Jed King.  His wife, Rose, is Ali Faulkner, who was in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, but we won’t hold that against her.  Singer and violinist Caitlin Nicol-Thomas portrays Shelby Bale.  The director and writer is Richard Ramsey, the creator of many independent short films.  This movie is his first feature length film, so I guess we’re all in for a surprise.

The Song Cast


The trailer opens as Jed King drives into the town of Sharon and meets a girl named Rose. (Rose of Sharon?  Get it?  Yeah, me neither.) Jed comments on how beautiful her dad’s place is, but from the way he’s looking at her, I don’t think he’s even noticed the place.  Which is a shame, because there’s a cotton candy booth not to far away.  “We’re going to have more than one date,” Jed tells Rose.  “How do you know?” she asks.  He’s a Time Lord; he’s met you before, but your timelines are all mixed up.


They’re cuddling in the grass at night, so it must be love.

“You sing about God in your songs,” Rose’s father, Shep, points out.  I think Jed’s aware of that, but thanks for informing him.  “I sing about things that I’m passionate about,” says Jed.  “Like Rose,” says Shep.  Yeah, but he’s having a hard time coming up with rhymes for her name.  So far he’s got glows, toes, bros, and enclose.  Jed tells Rose he’s thinking about giving up music and only singing when he has something to say.  Then he says, “Marry me.”  Dude, you just passed up the perfect chance to go into a song!  Did your dad burst in and say “You’re not going into a song while I’m here”?


“Rose, if I can disclose, you have a really pretty nose … yeah, this isn’t working.”

But the two do get married, and a song comes to Jed in a dream.  I wish I could do that; I’d get these articles turned out a lot faster.  He writes the song down, plays it for the crowd, and it becomes a big hit.  “Now what?” he asks Rose.  Now we go to Walt Disney World!  Actually, Jed does go on a tour singing and signing autographs for screaming fangirls.  Ever notice how we never see any men screaming or asking for autographs from famous singers in these movies?  I feel underrepresented!


“Son, don’t sing at the table. Wonder where he picked that up?”

But trouble arrives in the form of Shelby Bale, who is clearly the bad guy because of all her piercings and tattoos and because she takes her jacket off onstage.  She starts opening the show for Jed, and the two take publicity photos together as royalty.  Oh, hey, I think I found my distant relatives.  “The first time I heard your music,” says Shelby Cleopatra, “I thought, ‘This is it.  This guy really gets it.'”  Between the eyes, that is!  Okay, she doesn’t say that, but if she were any more evil, she’d be shooting him dead and taking over the tour.


“I’m the King, I guess. Woohoo.”

Jed tells Rose they’ve added Shelby to the tour.  “We’ll book a lot more shows and make a lot more money.”  Now if we could just train her not to tackle the people onstage, we’ll be good.  “Do you need more money or fans?” Rose asks.  Hey, it gets hot under those stage lights.  The more fans you have blowing on you, the better.  “That moment you felt wanted, it’s a good feeling, isn’t it?” Shelby asks.  “I’m just trying to help you.”  Help him into your hotel room, you mean.  The sad thing is, it looks as though it works.


“Can we at least turn on some lights?” “No! I am evil! Darkness feeds me!”

“Jed, you’re not here,” says Rose.  He’s standing right in front of you; I don’t think you understand the concept of location.  “I don’t know if I can give you whatever it is you’re looking for,” Rose tells him.  Too bad, because it’s been a week since he lost those car keys.  “I can’t sing that song, Shelby,” says Jed as his son gets a drum solo.  “It’s her song.”  “No, it’s your song,” Shelby corrects him.  Yeah, but he already gave it to Rose, and nobody likes a musical Indian giver.  And the trailer ends with Rose saying, “I want a man who believes in something bigger than all this.”  That’s right, Jed, you’ve got to believe in big things.  Like elephants.  Those are really big.


“You’re my only friend now, speck.”

So based on the trailer, do I recommend this movie?  Yes, yes I do.  The acting looks good, the cinematography is gorgeous, and with at least two real life singers/musicians in the cast, we’re bound to get some good music out of the film.  If you’re familiar with the story of Solomon, you’ll have fun picking out the little Easter eggs the filmmakers slip in (e.g. Egyptian tattoos for Shelby meaning she’s the Egyptian princess Solomon marries).  If you’re looking for a fun date night with your wife or girlfriend, this may well be the movie for you.  And hey, it’s a quality Christian movie.  When do I not get excited about that?  I’ll most likely be seeing The Song in theaters, and if any of the reasons above interest you, you’ll definitely want to check it out as well.

Although I’d really have to have the ability of synthesesia to be able to see the Song, but you get the idea.


The Song is owned by Samuel Goldwyn Films.


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