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Based on the Trailer – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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Who was it that said “The merely difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer”?  Meet the living embodiment of that statement.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation features our favorite running man Tom Cruise and his IMF team back in action against an equally skilled shadowy organization.  Should you choose to accept this movie or should you disavow it?  Well, let’s take a look at the trailer and find out.

So who stars in this movie?  Franchise mainstay Tom Cruise is back in action as Ethan Hunt.  Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner return from Ghost Protocol as Benji Dunn and William Brandt respectively.  Ving Rhames is back for another odd-numbered M:I movie as Luther Stickell.  Newcomer Ilsa is played by Rebecca Ferguson of The Red Tent and Hercules.  Other stars include Alec Baldwin as Hunley and several people without character names according to IMDb.  It appears the Syndicate is keeping things under wraps.

The writer and director is Christopher McQuarrie.  The man hasn’t had a lot of experience directing; his major excursions in that field include The Way of the Gun and Jack Reacher, also starring Tom Cruise.  The film was a pretty typical action flick, but Cruise must have seen something special if he wanted him on board for the latest M:I film.  It helps that McQuarrie’s writing credits include The Usual Suspects and Edge of Tomorrow.  If he can bring that kind of quality to this film, we’re in for a good time indeed.

PicMonkey Collage


The trailer opens with the familiar faces of our IMF agents as we’re told by Hunley they’re “uniquely trained and highly motivated, specialists without equal, immune to any countermeasures.”  Now if only we could get them to wear helmets during their motorcycle chases, not that it helped that guy who just crashed.  “But it is an agency of chaos,” Hunley continues.  Their last recruit was some psychotic clown with scars on his face.  Hunley wants to dissolve the IMF, but it’ll be kind of hard to do that without Ethan Hunt.


“What do you mean, he’s in Tahiti?”

The guy’s been tricked into a gas booth and wakes up shirtless because really, what else are you going to do to Tom Cruise while he’s unconscious?  He’s been hunting the Syndicate, and it looks like they’ve found him.  Hunley wants to know why the CIA has never found evidence of the Syndicate’s existence, and Brandt asks, “You want the polite answer or the truth?”  You’re the bad guy, Hunley.  Calling it now.  Fortunately, Ethan fights his way free of the “nonexistent” underworld organization with the help of Ilsa.  They fight in beautiful unison, and he asks, “We’ve never met before, right?”  Mrs. Johnson’s judo class, tenth grade.


“When the woman has a gun, you give her all the piggyback rides she wants.”

Ethan covertly gives Benji an envelope with a single pair of glasses, and Benji looks so dumbfounded by the gift I’m surprised the whole subway station doesn’t know Ethan’s in the area.  Through the tricky eyewear, Ethan tells him his research on the Syndicate, “a rogue nation, trained to do what we do.”  Roll credits!  Benji calls it an anti-IMF.  So it’s an FMI?  “They’re coming after us with everything they’ve got,” says Ethan.  Which is basically everything you have.  Might be time to tip the odds in your favor and put in a call to the Avengers.  “You ready?” Luther asks, and Benji gives the incredibly ninjawesome answer of shrugging.  Yeah, I guess I’m cool to take down an equally matched opponent if you guys are.


“That could have gone better.”

“This may very well be our last mission,” says Brandt.  It really depends on how we do at the box office.  Ilsa pops out of the pool in a bikini because really, what else are you going to do with an attractive woman in a spy movie?  “You want to bring down the Syndicate?” she asks.  “It’s impossible.”  Nonsense, you’re only saying that because no one’s ever done it.  Ethan takes out motorcyclists with a spinning car, Ilsa shows off her legs in a pretty dress, somebody turns a flute into a gun, and a guy takes a stab at Ethan and slices the drapes instead.  Boy, that’s cutting it close.  Ethan kicks him off a catwalk, but that kind of flying kick probably sent our hero over the edge too, so not sure that did anyone any favors.


How most parties end in the IMF.

Ethan and Ilsa slide down a rope, we see more car and motorcycle chases, somebody heads deep into a safe, and dressed-up Ilsa snaps a guy’s neck with her legs.  Pay attention, guys drooling over her in this trailer.  This could be you.  This unnerves Brandt to the point of asking, “How do you know you can trust her?”  As if in answer, Ilsa takes off her shirt.  Guess she didn’t want Tom Cruise to be the only one going topless.  And then we see her with a sniper rifle to ward off any of those thoughts the guys might be having.  “Desperate times, desperate measures,” Ethan tells Brandt.  I would have gone with Schwarzenegger, but he was busy competing with a younger version of himself.


“The name’s Hunt, Ethan Hunt.”

Ethan jumps into a bottomless pool of water, Benji gets the iconic Mission Impossible face mask ripped off, and Ethan’s car goes shooting backwards over the stairs.  “Do you have your seatbelt on?” Ethan asks Benji.  “You’re asking me that now?!” Benji shouts back.  Let’s be honest, it’s more important now than it’s ever going to be.  After it crashes and lands upside down, Luther and Brandt rip the door open and Benji casually asks, “Oh, hey boys.  What did I miss?”  Death by a margin of an inch.  Why is Benji not the hero again?

Mission Impossible

“When I said going off-road, this wasn’t what I had in mind.”

And the trailer ends with the movie’s obligatory iconic stunt: Ethan hanging onto the side of a plane as it takes off.  I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that Tom Cruise does his own stunts and is therefore likely insane for trying this.  But it gives us a great shot.  And Benji does get the plane door open for him.  Well, the cargo bay door.  “The other door!” Ethan shouts.  You didn’t specify!  Have respect for the man who gives danger an indifferent shrug.


Admittedly, it’s a little hard to have respect for anything at 10,000 feet.

So based on the trailer, do I recommend this movie?  Yes, yes I do.  It’s got good actors, great action, and an intriguing premise.  I wonder how well it’s going to do in relation to the similar Bond film Spectre coming out later this year, but this one at least looks like a fun ride, one I’ll hopefully be able to take in theaters.

Although they keep using the word “impossible” to describe their missions and then they successfully complete them.  I do not think it means what they think it means.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is owned by Paramount Pictures.


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