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Based on the Trailer – Finding Dory

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I was going to talk about a movie, but I forget what it was … Oh, yeah! Forgetting reminds me of … something.

Finding Dory sends the titular fish and her friends off to find her long-lost family. Should you dive right in, or does it deserve to be fried? Well, let’s take a look at the trailer and find out.

So who stars in this movie? Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks return as Dory and Marlin, with newcomer Hayden Rolence taking over the voice of Nemo. Ed O’Neill of Modern Family plays Hank the octopus and Kaitlin Olson of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia portrays Destiny the whale shark. Other voices include Eugene Levy of Best in Show, Diane Keaton of The Godfather trilogy, Ty Burrell of Muppets Most Wanted, and Idris Elba of The Jungle Book.

The directors are Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane. Stanton is a prolific Pixar writer and one of the directors of Finding Nemo, and MacLane has had plenty of experience animating Pixar movies and shorts. Between the two of them, I feel pretty good about the skill set they’re bringing to this movie.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage Directors

The trailer opens with Baby Dory being found by a pair of fish after she was separated from her parents. Over the years, Dory remembers less and less about her family as less and less sea creatures stop to listen to her. But then she gets caught in a plastic six-pack ring and snatched up by a couple of conservationists. “Our friend got taken!” Marlin exclaims. Time to call in Liam Neeson.


Or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Sea Turtle. That works too.

Dory winds up in the Marine Life Institute, a fish hospital where fish get extremely judgmental when you sneeze. She enlists the help of an octopus named Hank to get her out to find her family, and he carries her around in a coffee pot because if there’s anything Dory needs, it’s caffeine. She finds another friend in Destiny the whale shark, who promptly runs into a sea wall because she’s “not a great swimmer.” Good thing Dory’s there to tell her to just keep swimming (and just keep running into walls).


So adorable you’d almost forget she’s a shark. Remember, “fish are friends, not food.”

Hank carries Dory around the institute displays while Destiny gets Bailey the beluga whale to use his echolocation, something which makes him feel stupid. Hank pretends to be a baby, and Dory finds a bunch of other blue tangs and calls out to her parents, who might be in the school. “She should just pick two and let’s go,” said Marlin, echoing the fish-purchasing experience of every parent ever.

Finding Dory 1

“They remind me of someone…”

Hiding sea creatures all around our heroes shush them, which Marlin says is for a reason. “Like something with one big eye, tentacles, and a snappy thing?” Dory asks, incorrectly; that giant squid chasing them definitely has two eyes. Dory says her parents are out there and she can’t find them on her own, much as she’s been saying since the beginning of the trailer. We get it, Dory; you don’t have to keep saying it over and … well, I guess you do have to keep saying it if you want to remember it.


“I’m looking for my … peanuts? Pop-ups? Pigments?”

Destiny swims so badly she almost swallows Dory, Crush the turtle makes a cameo, and grabby children freak Hank out, causing him to release a cloud of ink into the Institute’s touch display. “Everybody does it,” Dory assures him, even though Hank is the only one in the tank with the necessary anatomy to excrete ink. Nemo decides to trust a bird named Becky, but Marlin points out that Becky’s eating a cup. Dude, eating habits have nothing to do with trustworthiness. Intelligence, maybe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trust her.


“I knew we couldn’t trust her!”

Dory repeats her catchphrase, while Nemo wonders if finding her parents will mean they have to say goodbye. Dory starts to doubt herself, but Marlin reminds her that she’s about to find her parents (WE GET IT!). “And when you do,” he says, “You’ll finally be…” “Home,” Dory finishes for him. So this whole movie is about moving back in with your parents? Sign me up! And the trailer ends with Marlin being wary of natural predators, the sea lions, but the lions say he has nothing to worry about. They’re not mean to fish, just weird-looking sea lions named Jerry who come onto their rock.


So based on the trailer, do I recommend the movie? Yes, yes I do. It looks like it’s got all the fun and feels of the original, with a great team behind it. Dory’s a fun character, so as long as they don’t get carried away with the character-specific humor and keep to the heart of all the best Pixar movies, the stories that resonate with everyone young and old, they should do fine.

As long as I can remember how to get to the movie theater. Or that I’m going to the theater. Or what my name is.


Finding Dory is owned by Disney Pixar.


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