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Have you ever watched a movie so many times it no longer seems enjoyable?  Would you like to take a fresh, closer look at a film you think you know?

Overanalysis gives us an opportunity to see movies in a new light.  Maybe it’s a hidden message that you’ve never noticed.  Maybe it’s a single aspect that changes the way you view the movie’s plot.  Or maybe we’re just looking way too closely at a flick that was never intended to be anything great.

Whatever the case, gather round and get ready to squeeze every drop of meaning from the film as we overanalyze it for all it’s worth.

Bill and Ted’s Hope for the Future

The Horror of Gremlins

The Real Mandarin

Transforming Foreign Policy

Seeing Red in Mary Poppins

James Bond is a Jerk to Women

Haman is Hitler

The Godless Wizard of Oz

It’s a Horrible Life

The Dark Knight Ending

The Movie Everyone Forgot

The Stargate of Another Dimension

Disney’s The Little Mephistopheles

Wilder’s Wonka Is Wacko

Santa Subverts our Youth

Is Troll 2 the Best Movie Ever Made?

Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

Joker Trumps All

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