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Everyone has favorites, and the Nerd King is no exception.  Now he’s sharing them with you.  Crown Jewels are lists of the ten best in any given category, from trailers to movies and from actors to characters.  They are based solely on the opinion of the Nerd King and may or may not be the actual best.  But for those of you who can’t get enough of Top Ten lists, here are a few more.  From the common to the strange, here from the vault of the Nerd King’s mind are the wonders known as the Crown Jewels.

Top Mean Girls Quotes

Top Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Top Past Reviews

Top Political Campaigns

Top More Hollywood Role Models

Top Most “Nope” Moments in The Hobbit Trilogy

Top Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Top Worst-Kept Spoilers

Top Times Disney Went Dark

Top Times Batman Ruined Life for Everyone

Top Hollywood Role Models

Top Things I Learned from the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Top Married Couples

Top Doctor Who Companions

Top Reasons Why Captain America Is Awesome

Top Composers

Top Movie Villains

Top Irish Actors

Top Older Actresses

Top Movie Characters

Top Trailers of 2013

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