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Welcome to the domain of the Nerd King!  This weekly blog is your one stop for a critical look at some of the hottest films hitting the box office today, not to mention a few old favorites as well.

I am a writer and movie critic who helps moviegoers distinguish quality entertainment at a glance so they don’t waste their time and money.  I also like to amuse and to gush about my favorite things in the entertainment world, so I’ve created three types of posts to do just that.

Looking for a recommendation for your next trip to the theater?  Check out my trailer reviews entitled “Based on the Trailer,” in which I try to determine whether the upcoming film is worth your time or whether you should give it a miss.

Want a fresh perspective on an old film?  Try my “Overanalysis” segments, in which we look at a film from a point of view you might not have thought of before.

Interested in comparing opinions on the best and best loved?  You might enjoy my “Crown Jewels” lists, a compilation of my top ten favorites in any given category.

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